(Shaolin DVD #03, 06, 07, 12-17) Ten Hand Sets of Shaolin

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One of the greatest legacies of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu are the Ten Hand Sets of Shaolin, the core of this system. After 1500 years of research and development by generations of history's most powerful warriors, these ten sets combine effective fighting and self-defense techniques with intense physical and mental conditioning. When these ten sets are practiced in order, from number one to number ten, they provide you with an extraordinary workout that challenges your mind, body and stamina. Now you can train like a Shaolin monk, in the privacy of your own home!  

DVD Set Includes: 

  • (Shaolin DVD #13) Koy Moon (Opening the Door)

  • (Shaolin DVD #14) Leng Low (The Leader) 

  • (Shaolin DVD #15) Jou Mah (The Sitting Horse)

  • (Shaolin DVD #4) Chum Sam (Striking to the Heart)

  • (Shaolin DVD #12) Mo I (Martial Art)

  • (Shaolin DVD #3) Tun Da (The Short Strike)

  • (Shaolin DVD #6) Moi Fah (The Plum Flower)

  • (Shaolin DVD #7) Bot Bo (The Shuffling Step)

  • (Shaolin DVD #16) Lien Wan (Continuation)

  • (Shaolin DVD #17) Sik Fot (Skilled Technique)