Ultimate Iron Palm Training Book by Sifu Wing Lam & Chet Braun

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Part of the Wing Lam Kung Fu Series, the Ultimate Iron Palm training book by Sifu Wing Lam reveals the two most famous Iron Palm regimens used to increase your striking power: the Shaolin Iron Palm and the Tiger Iron Palm techniques. Whether you are beginning your martial arts journey or have many years of training, the decades of Sifu Wing Lam's experience in practice and teaching are passed on to all levels in Ultimate Iron Palm. 

Shaolin Iron Palm Bag

Iron Palm Training Master Kit

Shaolin Iron Palm Training DVD

Features and Details:

  • Learn Iron Palm training stances, hand motions, warm-up exercises, hand preparations
  • Hundreds of photos to help you visualize each step
  • Iron Palm myths and how to avoid dangerous mistakes
  • Explore your progress from striking bean bags to breaking bricks
  • Discover striking techniques
  • Iron Palm Applications: Palm strike, backhand, tiger claw and willow palm chop
  • Pages: 226

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