Northern Shaolin Book by Sifu Wing Lam & Oliver Bollmann

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Part of the Wing Lam Kung Fu Series, the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu book by Sifu Wing Lam covers the 1500 year history of the Shaolin style. Sifu Wing Lam translates his historical text and many experiences from decades of practice and teaching into a clear and concise manual that explores and illuminates this rich historical art. Northern Shaolin is the complete book of the style for martial arts students of all levels.

Features and Details:

  • Learn the 1500-year history and lineage of Northern Shaolin style kung fu
  • Study the underlying principles of Northern Shaolin kung fu system
  • Explore the finer points of Northern Shaolin fundamentals that are equally applicable to training in many other martial arts styles
  • Acquire the essentials of striking, defense, and movement techniques, including Northern Shaolin's famous jump kicks
  • Understanding the fighting concepts behind the movement of theNorthern Shaolin style
  • Examine the details of the first two hand forms and the four core weapons taught in Northern Shaolin system
  • Part of the Wing Lam Kung Fu Book Series
  • Pages: 197 with a glossary of terms

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