Southern Shaolin Ling Nam Hung Gar-by Sifu Wing Lam

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Limited Edition Southern Shaolin Ling Nam Hung Gar By Sifu Wing Lam. ( 6" x 9" 240 pages)

Southern Shaolin Ling Nam Hung Gar as never before have the secret oral teachings of the Hung Gar style appeared in English. Sifu Wing Lam, who traces his Hung Gar lineage to the Southern Shaolin Temple of the 1700s, transforms "back room" teachings into clear and concise how-to instructions. This is the complete Hung Gar book that martial arts students have been waiting for: 

  • Learn about the 300-year history of Hung Gar through recent findings and colorful|n|stories about Hung Gar Masters and traditions. 
  • Explore the finer points of Hung Gar basics.
  • Study the underlying principles of Hung Gar and their sets: The Twelve Bridges, The Five Animals, and The Five Elements.
  • Acquire application techniques such as blocks, arm locks, takedowns, chops, strikes, and footwork.
  • Learn about traditional conditioning exercises and injury treatment.
  • Examine the details of Hung Gar hand and weapon sets.
  • Learn about Internal Training using the Iron Wire set.

Whether you are curious as to how Hung Gar is differs from other styles, are|n| a beginning Hung Gar student, or have practiced for many years, this book will|n|add to your understanding of the Hung Gar style.