Northern Shaolin Book Vol 2 by Sifu Wing Lam & Oliver Bollmann

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The Northern Shaolin journey continues in the second volume of this series!  For the first time in English, Shifu Wing Lam translates the writings of his masters coupled with his experience from decades of practice to explore the advanced knowledge, precepts, and philosophies of Northern Shaolin style kung fu.  Building upon the foundation laid within Volume 1, this book will deepen your understanding of the Northern Shaolin system and universal kung fu principles:

  •  Learn the advanced concepts that underpin the Northern Shaolin kung fu system.
  • Acquire the secret of power and perfect your form through internal linking and training.
  • Explore each of the ten Northern Shaolin empty hand forms in detail, including key principles of important movements as well as their applications.
  • Discover the vast array of advanced Northern Shaolin weaponry.
  • Study the fighting concepts of the Northern Shaolin system.
  • Develop your martial skills through drills, sparring, and specialized training techniques.

Whether you are an advanced Northern Shaolin student, a student of another style seeking greater depth in your understanding of the martial arts, or are curious as to how Northern Shaolin differs from other styles, this book is a powerful resource in advancing your martial skills.

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