(Hung Gar DVD #11-20) Hung Gar Level Three - Advanced by Sifu Wing Lam

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Level Three contains the Five Animals, one of the most famous forms of Kung Fu, plus the first sets of the rare Hung Kuen style of Hasayfu Hung Kuen and various weapon forms.

DVD Set Includes:

  • (Hung Gar DVD #11) Five Animals

  • (Hung Gar DVD #12) Five Animals and Five Elements

  • (Hung Gar DVD #13) Panther

  • (Hung Gar DVD #14) Tiger

  • (Hung Gar DVD #15) Plum Flower Spear

  • (Hung Gar DVD #16) General Chai Yang Long-Handle Knife

  • (Hung Gar DVD #17) Plum Flower Chain Whip

  • (Hung Gar DVD #18) Hunting Tiger Trident

  • (Hung Gar DVD #19) Four Gates Hand Sparring

  • (Hung Gar DVD #20) Round Shield and Butterfly Sword