(Hung Gar DVD #01-39) Complete Hung Gar Series Kung Fu by Sifu Wing Lam

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This is set of videos shows the complete Wing Lam Hung Kuen curriculum. This curriculum incorporates the well-known "Canton" style of Hung Gar with the rare Hasayfu Hung Kuen system, including dozens of unique weapons and the little-known Tiger Iron Palm training regimen. You save over $600 when purchasing the complete set against purchasing all of the videos individually!

Book Published by GM Lam Tsai Wing in Chinese

-Kung Gee Fook Fu Taming the Tiger

-Tiger and Crane Set

-Internal Power Iron Wire

Wing Lam Kung Fu Seriesツ

- Northern Shaolin Book Vol 1

- Northern Shaolin Book Vol 2

- Ultimate Iron Palm Book

- Southern Shaolin Ling Nam Hung Gar

- Authentic Five Animals Hasayfu Hung Kuen