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Biu Tze, or the “Thrusting Fingers” set, is regarded as the most advanced boxing set of the Wing Tsun system. It is used mainly for attacking. The most advanced fighting theory in Wing Tsun is “to apply attacking techniques while defending,” thus a Wing Tsun expert can apply most of the Biu Tze techniques to counterattack his opponent at the same time as being attacked! High accomplishment in this set enables a WT expert such as Grandmaster Leung Ting to shatter an object just by giving it a light touch with his fingertips with his arm outstretched. This is what is called “drawing one’s force through the fingers” in the Wing Tsun terminology. This kind of force is a kind of flexible vibratory power very different from the brute-force of a finger-jab. This set includes techniques employing the stance, grappling, arm techniques, finger techniques, palm techniques as well as three different types of elbow strikes.