Wing Tsun Siu Nim Tau: Set,Theory, Mottos & Applications

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By Grandmaster Leung Ting
B&W, 130 pp, 5x7. This book covers:
  • Crossed Splitting-block
  • Palm-up arm
  • Character SUN Thrusting-punch,Chain-punches & |n|Close-range pursuing-attack
  • Bridge-on Arm (or Lying-on hand)
  • Sideward-palm
  • Left and Right Pinning-hands
  • Backward Pinning-hands
  • Frontal Pinning-hands
  • Bar-arms & Whisking-arms
  • Bar-arm -Sinking-block -Palm-up Arm -Jerking-Hand & Thrusting-fingers
  • High Palm-up-arms-Double Jerking-hand -Thrusting-fingers ¨
  • Long-bridge Pinning-hand -Double Lifting-arms
  • From Long-bridge Pinning-hands -Double Lifting-arms
  • Sinking-arm -Wiping-arms -Scooping-arm- High Palm-up arm
  • High Palm-up arm
  • Bong-arm & Reverse-palm
  • Arm-freeing & Thrusting-punches

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