(Shaolin DVD #25) Twin Flying Dragons Straight Swords Chinese Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

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Twin Straight Sword will teaches you grace, balance and flexibility. This set is a popular among women because of their natural poise. Many men find it a challenging contrast in their repertoire, and an important step to complete mastery of Kung Fu.

Recommended preparation: (Shaolin DVD #10) Dragon Movement Straight Swordツ

Good Luck Double Straight Sword

- Northern Shaolin Book Vol 1ツby GM Wing Lam

- Northern Shaolin Book Vol 2 by GM Wing Lam

- Ultimate Iron Palm Book by GM Wing Lam

DVD Features:

  • 12 lessons with applications
  • English 3.1 channel
  • Full Screen Format
  • Chapter Index
  • Instructional Trailers
DVD Extras:
  • 1984 All Kung-Fu Masters Exhibitions
  • Kick Magazine Interview
  • Wing Lam Kung Fu Exhibitions