(Shaolin DVD #24) Broadsword vs. Spear Chinese Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

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It is said that the Broadsword is like the wild tiger and the Spear is like the snake・€・s tongue. Both weapons are fast and furious! In this set, you and your partner hone each other・€・s reflexes for explosive speed. If you are the Broadsword player, not only do you have the disadvantage of less reach, you will have to face the Spear empty-handed at the end of this set!

Recommended preparation: Broadsword (VSL05) and Spear (VSL11)

    DVD Features:
    • 10 lessons with applications
    • English 3.1 channel
    • Full Screen Format
    • Chapter Index
    • Instructional Trailers
    DVD Extra:
    • 1984 All Kung-Fu Masters Exhibitions
    • Kick Magazine Interview
    • Wing Lam Kung Fu Exhibitions
    • Photo Gallery

    - Northern Shaolin Book Vol 1ツby GM Wing Lam

    - Northern Shaolin Book Vol 2 by GM Wing Lam

    - Ultimate Iron Palm Book by GM Wing Lam