(Shaolin DVD #10) Shaolin Dragon Movement Straight Sword Chinese Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

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Straight Sword is practiced by millions of Chinese every day, making it a strong candidate for one of the most popular weapons in the world. Known as the ・€・Gentleman of Weapons・€・, the Straight Sword was favored by scholars, generals and nobles. Sophisticated and sublime, the Straight Sword is often the weapon of choice for the old masters. The graceful flowing movements of this set are inspired by the symbol of the East, the Dragon.

DVD Features:
  • 11 lessons with applications
  • English 3.1 channel
  • Full Screen Format
  • Chapter Index
  • Instructional Trailers
DVD Extras:
  • 1984 All Kung-Fu Masters Exhibitions
  • Kick Magazine Interview
  • Wing Lam Kung Fu Exhibitions
  • Photo Gallery

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