Wing Tsun Chi-Sau (Section 3 and 4)

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The Third Section Chi-Sau program emphasizes on
  1. An Advanced Poon-Sau (Rolling Arms) Exercise that trains the sensation of the arms and legs;
  2. The Sticking Force/ Yo-Yo Force
  3. The Kwan Sau(Rotating Arms) training in Chi-sau and it's application
  4. The training of Bong Sau and Man Sau
In the Fourth Section Chi-Sau Training, we cover:
  1. The Elbow Attack in WingTsun
  2. How to Attack with Double Punches, Lower Stabbing Punches;
  3. How to disolve the Double Punches Attack with Kwan Sau
  4. The detailed explanation in the differenced between the Kwan-Sau(Rotating Arms) and Tan-Bong Sau