Shaolin Lohan Shoes (Monk’s Walking Shoes)

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Lohan is another Chinese name for an Arhat. An Arhat is a Buddhist who has attained Nirvana through rigorous discipline and ascetic practices. 

These traditional style Shaolin Lohan Shoes were originally made from straw which included even the bottom of the soles. Straw was used not only because it was an easy to find material, but it also had desirable qualities like softness, was cool on a hot day and very light in weight. The monks wore them for long distance travel or to speed along on quick walk. The Lohan sandals were especially favored in the mountain areas for martial art training.

In more recent times, straw was replaced by fabric and a rubber sole, but the style remains similar in appearance and it’s still a comfortable wearing sandal. It is the best work-out shoe for the hot summer and it fits well with your Shaolin monk’s uniform.

These sandals are not made for kicking bags as they will wear out prematurely. Black color is the real martial arts favored color.

Weight from 13 oz to 1.25lb

Feiyue High Top - Black Original Shaolin Kung Fu Wushu Martial Arts

Feiyue High Top - White Original Shaolin Kung Fu Wushu Martial Arts

Top One Feiyue Original White 

Top one Feiyue Original Black 

Shaolin Monk Shoes Orange & Black

Shaolin Lohan Shoes (Monk’s Walking Shoes)

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