(Hung Gar DVD #39) Hasayfu Hung Gar Dragon Form

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This instructional Dragon DVD features the Dragon set of Hasayfu Hung Kuen demonstrated by Sifu Wing Lam. ツIn Hasayfu Hung Kuen, The Dragon set is the fifth and final form learned in the Hasayfu Hung Kuen system. ツHasayfu Hung Gar is a very rare style of Hung Kuen, thought by some to be the oldest form of Southern Shaolin kung fu still in practice. ツHasayfu Hung Kuen's hand form curriculum involves the five animals, but each animal has it's own form. ツPanther, Tiger, Snake, Crane, and Dragon are all individual forms in the Southern Shaolin systems of Hasayfu Hung Kuen kung fu.

Shrouded in mystery, this Instructional Dragon DVD will be the inspiration of absolute power. This video reveals to you the one of the most astounding sets of Kung Fu. You will learn one of the longest and most advanced sets of this system. Dragon cultivates your internal energy and fighting spirit while it teaches you fighting techniques, including a variety of throws.

Hasayfu Hung Gar

DVD Features:

  • 18 lessons
  • English 3.1 channel
  • Full Screen Format
  • Chapter Index
  • Instructional Trailers

DVD Extras:

  • 1984 All Kung-Fu Masters Exhibitions
  • Kick Magazine Interview
  • Wing Lam Kung Fu Exhibitions

Hung Gar Federation Patch

Master Level III DVD Set Includes: