Chinese Fighting Arts Chin Na Joint lock Complete Series (Chin Na DVD #01-06)

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Save big when you order all 6 training videos in our Chin Na series!

These instructional videos feature the entire Wing Lam Chin Na curriculum demonstrated by Sifu Wing Lam. ツChin Na is not a system or style, but a term referencing grappling and locking techniques. ツChin Na literally means "Seize Control", and are meant primarily as submission and compliance methods. ツAdvanced Chin Na is considered the highest level of empty-hand combat.

Extensive training in Tai Chi push hands is believed to be the only way to obtain the sensitivity required to apply high-level Chin Na techniques.

Chin Na DVD Set Includes:

Level one Chin Na grip training bag weights 4lbs

Level two Chin Na grip training bag weights 10 lbs New Improved

Iron Palm Training