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These bags are specially made exclusively for Iron Palm training. The design and dimensions are specified by the world renowned iron palm expert, Shaolin Master Gu Ru Zhang (1893 - 1952). Zhang using an internal open palm strike to break thirteen bricks in a solid stack. Another famous story of Zhang’s iron palm is about a Russian circus that had posed an open challenge that if anyone could take its "fighting horse” they can get $1,000. After surviving three kicks from the horse Zhang managed to slap the horse. He used the same palm strike to the horse’s back as he used in breaking bricks, the horse died instantly without any external damage but a later autopsy revealed major damage to the internal organs.

These Iron Palm training bags are made with light weight durable canvas, to provide long lasting strike training. They are filled and stitched with the optimum amount of material (mung beans, gravel, or steel shot depending on your skill level) and are ready for your iron palm training. This type bag can also be used for any other styles of open hand or fist conditioning training. They are a “must have” training tool for any existent martial arts.

TD 16: Beginning level training bags are filled with to provide good resistance for the strike, conditioning the skin and muscle. These bags when struck will produce a powder from the mung beans to help prevent injury to the hands.
Weight: +/- 4 pounds 11”x 10”

TD 17: Intermediate level training bags are filled with special sized smooth round shaped natural gravel. After 3 months of training with the mung beans, the skin and muscles have built up a strong foundation. The practitioner is now ready to move on to gravel to condition the ligaments and bones.
Weight: +/-  8 pounds 11”x 10”

TD 18: Advance level training bags are made with double-ply light weight canvas that are filled with chrome-free, oil-free, and dust free special select sized steel shot, with a small percentage of mung beans to help the steel shots float while striking the bag. This method will help protect the hands from injury during training.
Weight: +/- 23pounds 11"x10”


TD16 XL Oversized Training Bags - Beginner Level
Weight: +/- 7 pounds 12”x13”

TD17XL Oversized Training Bags- Intermediate Level
Weight: +/-14 pounds 12”x13”

TD18XL Oversized Training Bags- Advance Level
Weight: +/- 35 pounds 12”x13”

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