Zen and the Way of the Fist

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By Tak Wah Eng
|n|180 pages; 5.5 x 8.5 inches|n|

A Master Collection of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and its philosophy.|n|

Over the centuries martial art masters have kept secret manuals to chronicle their teachings. These manuscripts were meant to preserve the art and techniques of Chinese Kung Fu for future generations. This volume is presented in that manner and was conceived with the spirit of those classic guides. |n|

Originally this manual began as a personal notebook that I kept over the past decade. This notebook became a visual diary for me to try to preseve and remember the myriad of forms and techniques that I have acquired, studied, and taught over the years. |n|

Through the prompting of my students and with their aid, I slowly began to transform this personal notebook into a general volume that I could share with all my students of the martial arts. With the production of this book I have gained a greater insight into the realm of the Chinese martial arts and their greater meaning and purpose. Learning the various forms and sets contained herein is only a beginning, and not an end in itself; I hope that its readers will rather derive from it the essence and spirit of what this collection of forms truly is meant to bring forth.