Double Yin Yang Daggers

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Most axe blades are affixed to the end of a wooden shaft, but the Yin Yang Daggers’ axe blade has none. Their more compact design enables quicker strikes and the very stiff cold-rolled chrome plated steel dagger and axe blades are close enough so as to lend protection to the wielder’s hands. A popular feature among Chinese double weapons, the Yin Yang Daggers are capable of trapping an enemy blade between the axe blade and the tasseled top of the handle.

  • Total Approximate Length (per dagger, at longest point top-to-bottom): 18"
  • Total Approximate Width (per dagger, at widest point side-to-side): 10"
  • Approximate Handle Grip Length (per dagger, wrapped area of handle): 6"
  • Total Weight (per dagger): 2.45 lbs.
  • Unsharpened.