XinYi Bagua Dia Family Martial Arts DVD Part 2 by Master Zhungxian Wu

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XinYi Bagua Dai Family Internal Martial Arts DVD part 2 by 7th generation lineage holder Master Zhongxian Wu. BaGua XinJing is the most secret practice form of DaiShi XinYi Quan - Dai Family XinYi Internal Alchemy and Martial Arts System. Part 2 will help you deepen your practice, build strength and stamina, explore transformation through inner alchemical processes and connect with spiritual root of traditional Chinese mind-body arts.


  • By Master Zhongxian Wu: Lifelong Doaist practitioner and holder of 4 different schools of Qigong and martial arts
  • Filmed primarily at the Daoist temple in the birth area of Dai Family XinYi

Detailed Instruction Of:

  • LiuHe XinFa: Six Unions Heart Method
  • BaGua XinJing: Eight Trigrams Heart Mirror
  • Complete guided practice and combat demonstrations

Special Features:

  • Explanations by Grand Master Zhao ShouRong
  • 8mm flim-like technology that brings brings you into the timelessness of these ancient practices