Xing Yi Nei Gong by Dan Miller

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This classic DVD is the very useful and well-presented companion video to the book Xing Yi Nei Gong by Tim Cartmell and Dan Miller. The form is easy to learn, practical, and time-tested. There have been other books and DVDs on Xing Yi Quan, but this is one of the few that focuses on the basics and important supplemental training. This DVD is designed for those in ANY of the martial arts who are looking for traditional internal methods of power training to supplement their practice.

Drawing on information from Zhang Bao Yang, Wang Jin Yu and He Yu Qi all students of Wang Ji Wu; Miller and Cartmell have created a DVD based on Xing Yi but geared toward Nei Gong (Internal Training). Few people today realize that "Chi Kung" is a neologism referring to what has generally been termed Nei Gong for centuries.