Wushu Double Broadswords w/ Scabbard

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The Wushu Double Broadswords also know as twin broadswords comes complete with scabbard. They are lightweight and extremely flexible with ease of making the snapping sound. These chrome plated double broadswords are great for Wushu practice, competitions, and performances. The blades are not sharpened and available in 23", 24", 25", 26", 28", 29", 30", 31"and 33" lengths. Each Broadsword has a red and yellow flag attached to the end of the handles which measure approximately 6".  

Please Note: These are approximate weights and dimensions: (Handle wrap colors and scabbard can vary with each shipment and you might receive a different color than what is stated)

  • 26" .75 lbs. each sword, wrapped white/black handle
  • 27" .90 lbs. each sword, wrapped blue/white handle
  • 28" .90 lbs. each sword, wrapped blue/white handle
  • 29" .92 lbs. each sword, wrapped blue/white handle-Scabbard brown wood color