Wudang Taijiquan DVD by Zhou Xuan-Yun

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Wudand Taijiquan DVD by Zhou, Xuan-Yun. Taijiquan combines the internal skills of yang sheng with ancient fighting techniques. Practiced slowly, Taijiquan is a set of gentle, flowing movements which promotes exceptional health and well-being.


  • Development of strong root
  • Promotes proper body alignment and efficient movement
  • Calms and relaxes the body and mind
  • Teaches how to redirect incoming force and strike vital points
  • Discusses Wudang Taijiquan story
  • Complete demonstration of the 108-posture Wudang Taijiquan sequence
  • Length: 150 minutes

Special Features:ツ

  • Choice of Mandarin Chinese narration with English subtitles or English narration