Wudang Kung Fu: Fundamental Training

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For thousands of years the Wudang arts have been kept secret from the outside world. Centuries ago, the monks of Wudang Mountain blended Daoist concepts with traditional Chinese fighting arts, integrating physical and spiritual practices, and giving rise to the internal-style of Wudang Kung Fu.

Daoist monk Zhou, Xuan-Yun presents, for, the training practices used on Wudang Mountain.ツ His one-on-one lessons provide you detailed instruction for warm-ups, basic stances, punches, and kicks.ツ He then teaches you the fundamental Wudang Kung Fu sequence with its martial applications.ツ Emphasizing flowing and agile movements,ツWudang Kung Fu develops a strong root, proper body alignment, efficient movement, and a relaxed body and mind.