Wu Style Taijiquan DVD Part 1: Forms 1-16 by Wen-Mei Yu

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This DVD presents Traditional Wu Style Taijiquan in 89 Forms; demonstrated by Master Wen-Mei Yu. Master Wen-Mei Yu is among the world's most knowledgeable internal stylists. She has trained with some of china's great masters. In this three part series; she performs and teaches traditional Wu style in 89 forms as taught to her by Master Wu Ying Hua (granddaughter of the form's creator; Quan Yuo) and Ma Yuch Liang. The Wu style is unique and will increase your strength and flexibility with movements that are both compact and unrestrained. PART 1 features a demonstration of the complete form; followed by a lesson on all the basic hand forms; stepping movements; turns and kicks. Next a detailed lesson on forms 1-16 will be shown. 53 minutes.