Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Wall-Mounted

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This Wing Chun Wooden Dummy is designed to be mounted to wall studs, allowing for a stable and strong structure. The trunk is made of thick layered wood that has been bonded together.  The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy is strong, heavy, and durable and perfect for Wing Chun practice. The dummy can be adjusted in height. This is an affordable option in comparison to the solid trunk dummies.

  • Approximate Trunk Height: 54"
  • Approximate Trunk Diameter: 8"
  • Approximate Frame Height: 64"
  • Approximate Frame Width: 48 3/4"
  • Approximate Arm Length (protruding from Trunk): 12"
  • Approximate Leg Length (protruding from Trunk): 25 1/2"
  • Frame Included.