Two Tone Dragon Face Straight Sword

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Blade: This sword blade is made out of high carbon steel. It is very sturdy and with little to no flex and has a balancing point approximately 4" from guard on blade side. The blade is blunt and pointed at end. The tempering process creates a satin finish to the blade. One side of the blade has a hand engraving of a dragon and seven stars while the other side has Chinese character of the sword maker and characters for “Treasure sword of the house.”

Fittings: Solid cast bi-metal fittings are intricately engraved with dragons; flying dragon, coiled dragon and a standing dragon and trimmed with traditional Chinese designs. A two-tone black and gold color scheme give these fittings a rich and unique appearance.

Scabbard: Solid plum blossom wood which has dark rich brown and light yellow- brown grain. It has been sanded to a fine and smooth surface then sealed with a natural oil finish.

Recommended: Use for traditional style power training, hard work out, combat training, decoration or as an ideal gift.

Approximate Overall length: 38 3/4" for 28" blade length
Approximate Blade length available: 28", 30", and 32"
Approximate Sword weight:  2.55 lbs. (28"), 2.65 lbs. (30"), 2.9 lbs. (32")
Approximate Total weight: 4.1 lbs. (28"), 4.15 lbs. (30"), 4.55 lbs. (32")
Approximate Handle length: 9"