6 lb Combat Stainless Steel Trident Two Sections Tiger Fork

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The Two Piece Combat Trident is a Chinese weapon used in traditional Kung Fu style training, usually by the master level. It is strong and sturdy. This trident being a 2 piece version makes it easier to transport between home and school. The shaft is thick walled but hollow made of Stainless Steel.  The Trident head is high carbon corrosion resistant steel designed after the Hunting Tiger Trident which was also know as a hunting spear.

This two piece Combat Trident head is the same design as our previous Combat Steel Tiger Trident originally designed by GM Wing Lam.

*Carrying case included.


Overall Length: Approximately 78"

Trident Head Length: 26 1/2"

Trident Head Width: Approximately 16"

Weight: Approximately 6.98 lbs

Shaft Material: Stainless Steel

Head Material: Stainless Steel

Piece Lengths: 43" and 36 1/2 (front thread to end)

**This weapon is highly recommended for our international customers who wish to purchase an Combat Trident Chinese Weapon as the disassembled weapon saves on shipping costs.