Treatments of Gastrorantestranal Diseases in Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology (TCM) has a long history. TCM summed up abundant clinical experience in the struggle against diseases. It has formed an integrated, unique and first of all, a scientific system of both theory and clinical practice. On the fundamental principle of “Zhengtiguannian” (Wholism) and “Bian-Zhenglunzhi” (Treatment of the same disease with different therapies), TCM treatment is effective for various kind of diseases with few side effect taken. At present, a great upsurge in learning, practicing and studying TCM is just being accepted. For the benefit of people of all countries, we compiled this series of “Collection of Traditional Chinese Medicine” in order to promote the spread of TCM all over the world. The collections include: Traditional Chinese Treatment for Cardiovascular diseases, Traditional Chinese Treatment for Respiratory Diseases, Traditional Chinese Treatment for Gastroenterology etc.