Traditional Twin Double Broadswords

WCB15-26 F4-B1
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The Traditional Twin Broadswords with superior workmanship have high-carbon corrosion resistant steel blades.  The blades have moderate flex but are sturdy and hold their own weight when placed on their tips. The handles and scabbard made of hardwood with a black lacquer finish. The scabbard with a beautiful carved dragon design is thicker and stronger than most in today's market. The guard, pommel, and fittings are stamped brass. The broadsword handles lengths are approximately 7" from bottom of guard to pommel. The Traditional Twin broadswords are commonly used for Chinese Kung Fu traditional style practice and competitions. Blade lengths are available in 26", 27", 29", 30", and 31"

Approximate Weights with scabbard

26"= 3.30 lbs.

27"= 3.45 lbs.

29"= 3.75 lbs.

30"= 3.85 lbs.

31"= 4 lbs.