Traditional Tai Chi San Shou - Two Person Drill by Shifu Jiang Jianye & Shifu Yuzhi Lu

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This tape shows 2 person drill, that is one attacking and one defending, then switch, all in slow motion. It combines traditional Yang family forms, Chen family silk reeling (Chan Si Jin) and joint locking (Chin Na). It can imporve coordination and balance, teach fundamental self-defense and make Qi (energy).

Sifu Jiang Jianye was born in 1950 and has studied Wushu from the age of 5, learning from well known masters such as Yu Mingwei, Yu Hai and many others. He received BA and master・€・s degrees from Qufu University and Shanghai Physical Education Institute. A national and international judge in china and the US, he is also a master calligrapher and winner of national and international awards. Sales of his calligraphy have garnered more than $10,000, all donated to the Shandong Disabled Association. He has also acted in movies produced in China, Australia and Japan.