Traditional Double Straight Sword

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These Traditional Double Straight Swords are made with cold-rolled, chrome plated steel blades. Blades can hold their weight when placed on the tip. The double broadsword fittings are made of strong steel and designed in a traditional style. These swords are perfect for traditional practice, demonstration, and competition. They can also be used as an excellent means of strength conditioning by wushu players used to light-weight, flexible weapons...a noticeable increase in speed and power can be achieved through practicing with heavier weapons.

  • Approximate Weights for each pair of swords: 23"-1.60 lbs., 25"-1.75 lbs., 26"-1.83 lbs., 29"-1.90 lbs.
  • Approximate Handle Length (Between Hilt and Pommel): 5.25"
  • Blades not sharpened