The Naked Edge - Complete Guide to Edged Weapons Defense

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By Steve Tarani
164 pages

What is the Contact Connection? Why is your skill in controlling the Contact Connection the single most important aspect of surviving any edged weapon attack? What's the best way to defend yourself against any edged weapon attack? Steve Tarani, the nation's number one law enforcement Contact Weapons Defensive Tactics trainer, steps into the civilian training community and shares with you the surprising answers to what it takes to survive an edged weapon attack at close quarters in the street with your bare hands.

Emerging from the dark confusion of endless styles and systems of knife fighting and edged weapons training - The Naked Edge shines brilliantly as an easily accessible training reference for those seeking simple yet effective personal defense against edge weapon attacks at close quarters. Beginning with a rock-solid foundation and philosophy based on tried-in-the-field research and gleaned from vast pools of knowledge of modern-day Filipino, Indonesian and Malaysian weapons masters, this material covers the anatomy of an edged weapon attack, training drills and techniques for carrying and deployment, stances, grips, how to gain both mechanical advantage and superior position in empty-hand defense against a knife attack, defending against long and close range attacks, defense and disarming at extreme close quarters (ECQ) and the best kept secret of all - the edged weapon attack survival formula used by law enforcement, executive protection and security personnel nationwide.