The Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang Vol 2 by Park Bok Nam & Dan Miller

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Featuring Sifu Park & Dan MillerThis is a continuation of many points introduced in DVD #1. While both of these DVDs are meant to be supplemental to the texts (Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang, Vols. #1 & #2), they can each stand alone. This DVD starts with Palm exercises to develop power issuance. Teacher Park Bak Nam (Student of Lu Chui-Tien) demonstrates a section on legwork and some low kicks. Next he teaches an Eight Palm Qigong routine using many of the postures already established. Park also shows a simple breakdown of the Eight Animals. From single pole work he goes to three poles and threading steps. Finally Pak presents a 'teepee exercise' to spontaneously practice all methods of linking postures and movements. One of the first instructional DVDs in English on the martial art of Pa Kua Chang (same as Bagau Zhang) and still a good buy especially for developing basics strikes and palm actions. Fully narrated in English by Dan Miller.