The BIG Waxwood Escrima Stick

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Here is an answer to your request big guy! We have many special custom escrima requests from our customers with big hands who say training with the regular one inch or less diameter escrima stick feels like holding a chopstick.

This BIG escrima stick is made out of natural grown white wax wood tree and imported directly from China. This special type of wood has been popular for combat use for thousands of years. The white wax wood has a smooth grainy wax finish that’s hard and durable. The weight is between rattan and hard wood, not so light yet not too heavy but just right. It is designed to take a beating although it may chip it will not break, perfect material for the special oversize BIG escrima stick. This big stick is excellent for power training, for real combat use, or just for actual stick to stick fighting practice. Due to the nature and uniqueness of this natural wax wood product, each stick has a distinctive character thus the shapes and sizes of the sticks are not identical.

  • Length 31"
  • Big end is 1.5"
  • small end is 1.15"
  • Weight 1.5 lbs.