Taiji Yin Yang Sticking Hands

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The ancient art of Silk Reeling Jin in Chen style Taijiquan is also known as Taiji Yin/Yang Symbol Sticking Hands in Yang style Taiji. The main purpose of this soft and flowing training is to ‘connect’ the body, from head to toe, so that you may coordinate your movements effectively.|n|

From this Yang-side and Yin-side training, a practitioner will establish a firm foundation for understanding the martial aspects of Taijiquan practice. This program offers many solo and partner exercises and drills that you may easily follow along with, making self-instruction simple. |n|

The Yang side and Yin side of the training are demonstrated separately, each divided into five parts:

  • Self Practice of the Taiji Yin-Yang Pattern
  • Stationary Partner Training
  • Moving Partner Training
  • Parallel Stepping Training
  • Bagua Circle Stepping Training
SPECIAL FEATURES: English Subtitles • Interactive YMAA Catalog with 50 additional minutes of Preview Trailers for All YMAA Videos