Taiji Yin Yang Sticking Hands

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The ancient art of Silk Reeling Jin in Chen style Taijiquan is also known as Taiji Yin/Yang Symbol Sticking Hands in Yang style Taiji. The main purpose of this soft and flowing training is to ・€・connect・€・ the body, from head to toe, so that you may coordinate your movements effectively.|n|

From this Yang-side and Yin-side training, a practitioner will establish a firm foundation for understanding the martial aspects of Taijiquan practice. This program offers many solo and partner exercises and drills that you may easily follow along with, making self-instruction simple. |n|

The Yang side and Yin side of the training are demonstrated separately, each divided into five parts:

  • Self Practice of the Taiji Yin-Yang Pattern
  • Stationary Partner Training
  • Moving Partner Training
  • Parallel Stepping Training
  • Bagua Circle Stepping Training
SPECIAL FEATURES: English Subtitles ・€「 Interactive YMAA Catalog with 50 additional minutes of Preview Trailers for All YMAA Videos