Tai Chi Jian Shen Stick

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Sticks are among the tools first used by human beings. In China's traditional health culture, it has long been a practice to exercise with an instrument like a stick. This routine excavated from the Mawanfdui Tomb of the Han Dynastry (206 BC-AD 220 ) in Changsha of Hunan Province, there are two illustrations of figures in different postures wielding sticks, created by Chinese Health Qigong Association in 2007.
The Taiji Stick Health Preservation Exercises reflects the concept of harmony between yin and yang, man and nature. All movements involved are soft and slow and easy to practice.

In practice with Rod we should twist, turn, bend and stretch around the waist as a center and move our spine accordingly.

The stick should also help stretch muscles and strengthen bones, massage acupoints, clear meridian channels and activate internal organs. If we move the stick and massage our abdomen in exercise, we can further stimulate the internal organs, thus strengthening the stick's body-building effects.