Super Kusari Fundo Japanese Chain Weight / Manrikigusari

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Kusari Fundo simply means chain (kusari) and weight (fundo) in Japanese. This concealed weapon is known as a bloodless weapon and was used to defend castles or arrest an intruder with non lethal force. History says that the Kusari Fundo was commonly carried concealed in places where a sword was not allowed. It was also carried by Samurai Police of the Edo period to restrain criminals. Due to the short length of the chain, they can be used similarly to other flexible weapons like the chain whip. Other than a weapon, they can be used for grabbing hold of an assailants wrists or neck to restrain them. One popular nickname for the Kusari Fundo is Manrikigusari which means ten thousand power chain.

The traditional length of chain for the Kusari Fundo was between 12in up to 48in. The weight of the the ends was typically between 2oz up to 4oz. This example of Kusari Fundo falls right between those numbers at:


Overall Length - 30"

Length of Chain - 25"

Size of Weights - 2.5"

Weight of Weights - 4.4oz

Total Weight - 11.8oz