Strike Like Lightning: Meditations on Nature for Martial Artists

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By C.V. Rhoades
Pages: 112 pages

Martial arts and nature have been linked since ancient times. Wind, earth, water and fire have been incorporated into the philosophy of the Masters for centuries. This connection has taught martial artists how to use the power of nature to gain courage, confidence and valuable skills, since much of the martial arts is not so much a physical journey as a spiritual one.

In this tradition, Strike like Lightning is a book about meditating on nature and exploring the natural world through the eyes of a modern day warrior. Martial artists of all styles can learn how to learn from nature to increase the benefits of their training.

Author C. V. Rhoades was born and raised on a Wyoming ranch, where she still lives. She has been a rancher, guide, horse-trainer, writer-photographer and reporter as well as a martial artist.