Stainless Steel Handle Butterfly Swords Wing Chun Bart Cham Dao

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The Butterfly Sword is a single edged, roughly 12in bladed sword that originated in Southern China. The short, yet strong blade, was used for concealment in clothing or boots. The typical length is about that of a forearm. The traditional hook on the handle was designed to catch opponents weapons, or to be used as a weapon themselves. These blades are traditionally used in many different martial arts, with Hung Ga and Wing Chun being two of the most notable.


This version of Butterfly Swords is made of a strong stainless steel. The blade thickness is 1/8th inch and the size dimensions are based off traditional examples.


Weight: 1.65lbs Each

Blade Length: 11 3/4"

Handle: 5"

Total Length: 16.5"

Blade Thickness: 1/8th Inch