Shaolin Monk Vests

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These sleeveless vests are the same vests actually worn by the Shaolin Monks during the hot days of summer. Trimmed in golden yellow, these vests are adorned with the images of calligraphy for Shaolin Kung Fu or fighting monks. These vests are constructed with double layers of native hemp cloth. Picture on vest may vary. Perfect for daily practice!

Sizes and Approximate Measurements:

  • Small: 16 1/2" shoulder to shoulder, 26 1/2" collar to bottom.
  • Medium: 17 1/2" shoulder to shoulder, 27" collar to bottom.
  • Large: 18 1/2" shoulder to shoulder, 28" collar to bottom.
  • XL: 19" shoulder to shoulder, 28 1/4" collar to bottom.
  • XXL: 19" shoulder to shoulder, 29" collar to bottom.
  • XXXL: 19" shoulder to shoulder, 30" collar to bottom.

Washing Instructions: Soak in mixture of vinegar and water to preserve color. Wash in cold water, hang to dry.