Qian Long Sword-Flexible

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The Qian Long Sword stands among the Shen Guang Long family forge's premium line of jian. Qian Long is the name of the sixth emperor of the Manchu-led Qing Dynasty, and the fourth Qing emperor to rule over China proper (the eighteen "interior" provinces of China).

Blade: The blade is hollow ground hand-forged Damascus, with a striking pattern clearly visible along the blade.  The blade is flexible making it suitable for every day Tai Chi practice.  It is full-tang and made specifically for the fittings used, making it strong.  The guard and pummel are engraved solid brass.  A seven star Little Dipper constellation is engraved on one side and "Shen Guang Long" is engraved on the other. This sword is not sharpened.

Scabbard and Fittings: The scabbard and handle are made from aged Ebony, making them both very strong and aesthetically pleasing with a very dark, almost black wood color. The fittings on both the sword and scabbard are engraved brass. Note that the tassel provided can vary from that pictured. The provided tassel is red in color, with two green beads and a jade stone. The lanyard on the scabbard is red.

Measurements are respective of stated blade lengths.

  • Approximate Blade Lengths: 28",29"
  • Approximate Total Length: 28" is 37.5", 29" is 38.5"
  • Approximate Weight (Sword Only):  28" is 1.55 lbs., 29" is 1.60 lbs.
  • Approximate Total Weight (Sword and Scabbard): 28" is 2.95 lbs., 29" is 3.0 lbs.