(Hung Gar DVD #24) Plum Flower Double Chain Whip

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This video will reveal to you one of the most challenging weapons of Kung Fu, rarely seen performed except by the true Kung Fu masters! Few people learn the single Chain Whip, even less learn the Double Chain Whip. Now you can be one of the dedicated few. This set will boost your coordination like no other!

Recommended preparation: (Hung Gar DVD #17) Plum Flower Chain Whip

DVD Features:

  • 8 lessons with applications
  • English 3.1 channel
  • Full Screen Format
  • Chapter Index
  • Instructional Trailers
DVD Extras:
  • 1984 All Kung-Fu Masters Exhibitions
  • Kick Magazine Interview
  • Wing Lam Kung Fu Exhibitions
  • Photo Gallery

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Master Level II DVD Set Includes: