Peony Sword

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The Peony Sword named after China's national flower of the Peony plant for its long life.  This elegant sword is expected to survive a life time.  The Peony Sword is premium quality made by China's  historical Shen Guang Long Sword Shop.

As the legend is said the Tang Emperor Wu Zetian once ordered all of the flowers in his palace to bloom during winter, but the strong-headed tree peony would not. For that, it was banished to Henan Province and has since been regarded as the “best flower under heaven”.

Blade: The Peony swords blade is diamond shaped made of  hand-forged Damascus Steel with a finely polished finish.  It has a full-tang making it strong and sturdy. There is a seven-star Little Dipper constellation engraved on one side and the Chinese characters for  "Shen Guang Long" engraved on the other. The sword has a live edge which is extremely sharp.

Scabbard and Fittings: The scabbard and handle are made from aged Ebony, making them both very strong and aesthetically pleasing with a very dark, almost black wood color. The fittings on both the sword and the scabbard are made of brass painted to show off the peony majestic scrumptious flower. Note: Tassel  and lanyard may differ with each sword.

Free: Sword is shipped in a Chinese designer box including a silk sword case.


28" blade

Overall length: 37"

Total weight: 4.32 lbs

Sword weight: 2.60 lbs

Handle: 6.25" not including pommel

30" blade

Overall length: 39"

Total weight: 4.40 lbs

Sword weight: 2.70 lbs

Handle: 6.25" not including pommel

31" blade

Overall length: 40"

Total weight: 4.45 lbs

Sword weight: 2.75 lbs

Handle: 6.25" not including pommel

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