Pa Tuan Chin Chinese Health-giving Exercise

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Pa Tuan Chin is healt-giving exercise which is extensively popular with the Chinese people. According to the literal record, Pa Tuan Chin has a history of over eight hundred years. It is a favorite with the people from age to age. It is generally compared to the delicate brocade (a silk fabric) and therefore designated a Eight-section Brocade Pa Tuan Chin).

The long-term development of Pa Tuan Chin has resulted in many schools of it, but they are mostly the same in the main. The four sets of Pa Tuan Chin introduced in this book have been modern data of Pa Tuan Chin. These four sets of postures are different in hardness and easiness or in complexity and simplicity. Three sets among them are Pa Tuan Chin in the standing position and the remaining on is Pa Tuan Chin in the sitting position. People may select any set or sets in accordance with their individual specific conditions.