Olympic Taekwondo Senctioned by W.T.F.

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This book can be use by all practitioners of Taekwondo to advance their skills. It's clearly details through words and pictures Taekwondo stances, strikes, kicks, Taeguek forms and sparring skill. It is very comprehensive and pays attention to important details. It is recommended by The World Taekwondo Federation.

Taekwondo can be studied by anyone, no matter age or physical condition. If you are willing to work hard to improve yourself, you can learn the art. Physically, you can develop better coordination, strength and flexibility, alone with cardiovascular condition. Mentally, you will improve self-control and confidence in yourself. After the physical and mental principles of Teakwondo have begun to take root, the philosophical and spiritual of Taekwondo can flourish. You live Taekwondo everyday of your life and apply its lessons of courtesy, respect, integrity, perseverance, loyalty and indominatable spirit.