Northern Shaolin Sword Sequences and Applications by Dr Yang Jwing-Ming

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Dr. Yang Jwing Ming presents three Northern Shaolin Sword sequences with martial applications. San Cai Jian requires extensive physical training, resulting in a strong , finely-tuned body and min. San Cai jian will improve your perception, timing, reaction, and sense of distance, allowing for the quickest and most appropriate responses to any given situation San Cai Jian is the only known Sword sequence that matches itself, and it can be practiced solo or with a partner.

Improve your balance , strength, focus, and martial skilld with the elegant and deadly Kun Wu Jian Sword sequences. Mastering this sequence will bring you deeper understanding of the sword, a wide variety of applications and tehniques , and he greater power.

The elegants of Qi Men Jian will bring you the highest levels of understanding in Chinese swordsmanship, training your body to peak conditions, and your mind and spirit to the highest state of sharpness.

Each sequenceis preformed at slow and regular speeds, and includes stances, fundamentals. and key techniques.

Also included are 15 two-person Matching Drills for each sequence, Fighting strategies, and over 50 Martial Applications. Mastery of the Sword is one of the highest accomplishments in Chinese martial arts.

This program and the Sword Fundamentals Training DVD (YMAA) will provide a solid foundation in Sword techniques.