Lightweight Nandao (Southern Broadsword) Flexible Wushu

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The Southern answer to the Northern broadsword is this lightweight Nandao. With a straight blade and an s-shaped guard plus pommel ring, this nandao Southern broadsword is very different in appearance to its Northern counterpart. This design is optimal for the powerful movements and techniques of southern style kungfu. Possesses a quick and light steel blade perfect for China’s newest Wushu compulsory, with a fabric-wrapped grip. A must have for the southern practitioner! Available in 28" and 29" blades, very flexible. Comes with wood scabbard. Blade is unsharpened.

27" blade length weight approximately 1.3 lbs. with scabbard 2.1 lbs.

29" blade length, overall 36 5/8", weight approximately1.45 lbs. with scabbard 2.25 lbs.

Kenny Perez Wushu Southern Broadsword Nan Dao