Multi-Weapon Carrying Case Sword Staff Bo Cane Broadsword Dagger

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This Multi-Weapon Carrying Case is constructed of durable canvas and made with a shoulder-strap.  It is designed to hold two swords (broadsword and/or straightsword) in the main compartment. The main compartment has a divider panel to separate the swords. The side-mounted zipper pouch will extend out to hold a 73" staff or spear.  There is also a smaller compartment on the front that can hold small weapons or accessories (e.g. daggers, chain whips, extra tassels, etc.) and a small mesh pouch to hold your water or other bottled beverage.

This carrying case is available in black and blue. The bag displays the character "Wu" ("martial") embroidered on the front in gold-colored thread.  

Approximate Measurements:  44" X 7" (can hold swords up to approximately 44" in length)

Approximate Weight:  2 lbs.