Multi Sword Carrying Bag Black

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This Multi Sword Carrying Bag is constructed of durable canvas and made with a shoulder-strap.  It is designed to hold two swords (broadsword and/or straightsword) in the main compartment. The main compartment has a divider panel to separate the swords. The side-mounted zipper pouch will extend out to hold a 73" staff or spear.  There is also a smaller compartment on the front that can hold up to two small weapons or accessories (e.g. daggers, chain whips, extra tassels, etc.) and a small pouch inside to hold a small water bottle or a sword cleaning kit.

This carrying case is available in black. The bag displays the phrase "Zhong Hua Wu Shu" ("Chinese Martial Arts") embroidered on the front in gold-colored thread.

Length: 42"

Width: 6 1/2"

Weight: 1.278lbs